"meet me once & you would want to meet always"

- About me -



Welcome  Guys,  
I`m "Navin Mathanker" 

I`m an eBIZer. I started entrepreneurship (eBIZing) with my college studies.  
I was just an ordinary Guy but by grabbing an extra-ordinary Opportunity I became what I`m today. 
The name of that Beautiful Opportunity is
" Pvt.Ltd."  

It has changed my entire life in every aspect. I am an Engineer by qualification but an eBIZer by profession.

I was good in studies, I did my schooling from "School for Excellence" Betul & Mechanical Engineering from "IES College of Technology" { R.G.P.V. } Bhopal. 

Because of eBIZ.
I became financially independent at the early age of 18-19, I started bearing my personal expenses like- college fees & monthly expenditures. 

In college life when other friends were demanding pocket-money from their parents, I was economically sound & I started travelling in Flights.
I started exploring different-different beautiful tourism places across the country like Goa & all. 

I used to be a very shy kind of student before eBIZing  but eBIZ made me bold enough & taught me how to grow faster & then it has converted me into a great speaker, host, Presenter & anchor.

eBIZ changed my communication skills, body language, experience & inner personality, thoughts, point of view towards society & nation.

Later on I started delivering Professional Seminars in front of thousands of people & achieved all good benchmarks of life like which a person dreams throughout life.

Before completing my studies I became the owner of a beautiful machine i.e. 
"granite gray Maruti Suzuki Swift car". 

I believe in the secret law of attraction, today I am living a 'Dream Life'. 

The Names behind my success are - 
* Mr.Shailendra Singh sir *  
* Mr.Brijlal Patel sir * 
* Mr.Naveen Shrivastava sir * 

I would like to thank you all great Gurus who played an important role for bringing me up.  
Thanks to

"Mr.Surendra Singh Patel sir",  "Mr.Ajit Bhai Patel sir",  "Mr.Pradeep Singh sir",  "Mr.Ashish Singh Jayshoor sir", "Dr.Anup Singh Jaishur sir" also special thanks to "Dr.Rajesh Manghnani sir", "Mr.Lalit Manghnani sir", "Mr.Keshav Singh sir" & the Don of eBIZ "Mr.Nitesh Katare sir".

Thanks to his Highness, his Holiness who is changing lives of Millions of People. Thanks for giving us a beautiful platform which brings up everybody from ordinary to extraordinary level. Heartily Thanks to
"Dr.Pawan Malhan sir" 

Also a Biggest Thanks to my Caring Parents who have given me the open sky to fly around. They appreciated and guided me in each & every  steps of my life. They kept me Strong enough in my good & bad times. 

I love to my "Mom & Dad" the Most & I dedicate all my success, respect, name, fame to my God - My Parents. 
Thank you "Mummy-Papa" ​

A Special thanks to my Core team who are always there for me.  

Thank you guys for making the best team of the world.