About erumm

About ERUMM Marketing Pvt. Ltd.



ERUMM Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Selling company Which follows all the guidelines, rules and regulations of Government of India.

Let's know ERUMM in brief -

• Established on - 8th June 2001.

• Official website - www.ebizexcel.com 

• R.O.C. No.- U72200DL2001PTC111183

• Service Tax Registration no.- AABCE3009PST001

• It follows - Company's act 1956 (phase no.1 of 1956)

• Certified by - MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs ,Government of India)

• certified by - ISO 9001:2015 (International Standard Organisation)

• Certified by - EOW (Economic Offence Wing)

• Certified by - CBEC (Central Board of excise & Customs)

•Certified by - ROC-DELHI (Registrar of Company)

• Services Providing - E-education, E-commerce platform & Business Opportunity. 

For more Details ,Terms & Conditions visit - http://www.ebizexcel.com

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• About- "Dr.Pawan Malhan Sir"


 •Dr.Pawan Malhan Sir is a great teacher, an Educationalist,  Motivational Speaker, a Social activist, a Network Marketer & a Businessman.

• Dr.Pawan Malhan Sir is a very successful and great Educationalist & he has Given his services to "Indian Education Department" for so many decades.

• He did M.Sc & pHD in Mathematics (statistics).

• He did Informative Law from B.U.C. (British University of Colombia, Canada) 

• Published many books like -"Biostatistics"

• Led AIU as a "Deputy Director" For so many years (AIU- Association of Indian Universities)

• Taught as a Professor in "IIT-KANPUR" (IIT- Indian Institute of Technology)

• He was HOD in BITS-Pilani (BITS- Birla Institute of Technology & Science)

• He is also a "Great Social Worker" helped thousands of Needy people in education & Empowerment.

•He entered into Network Marketing Industry in 1996 and broken all the Records of Network Marketing. He was the "FASTEST AMBASSADOR of North America" He did his Network Marketing Business in 28 countries as well.

•He is one of the finest "Motivational-Speaker"

• He Taught to "Miss Kalpana Chawla ji" (an Indian astronaut).

• His vision is to make people aware of computers and Self-dependent life by achieving the dreams and desires in the young age. His best teaching to all the eBIZZers is- Develop yourself in every aspect, earn huge money to remove poverty from the Country as well as become the reason to  help & change the society. Learn & become very powerful by your positive thoughts so that you can create Independent Leaders in India.

"Appreciation to ERUMM"


 • eBIZ(ERUMM) Has Awarded by - "Bharat Vikash Ratna Award" (Award given for Betterment of Society because eBIZ is doing so many social activities for the Nation)

• Appreciated by - Ex Prime Minister of India (Dr.Manmohan Singh ji)

• Appreciated by - Ex Finance Minister of India (Mr.P.Chidambaram ji)

• Appreciated by - Ex Central Minister & Ex-M.P. ( "Mr.R.L.Bhatia ji" )

• Appreciated by - Ex-MLA Mr.Navab Singh Nagar ji

• Appreciated by - Social Welfare Minister "Mrs.Gurkamwal Kaur ji"

• Appreciated by - Administrator of Stock Exchange Department - "Mr. M.N.Sabharwal ji"

• Appreciated by - Ex Member of Parliament "Mr.Ashok Pradhan ji"

• Appreciated by - Deputy Superintendent of Police (EOW-Chandigarh)

• Appreciated by - Superintendent of Police Noida (Mr.Saumitra Yadav ji)

• Appreciated by - Ex MLA (Member of Parliament) Mrs.Chandresh Kumari ji

• Appreciated by - Higher Education Minister "Mr.Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya ji"

• Appreciated by - Police Commissioner, Gwalior "Mr.N.K.Rupla ji"