About me

Childhood & Studies

I belong to a Normal Middle Class family where I got a great brought-up by my parents. My father is a Teacher & mom is Home Maker, They taught me how to be confident and Happy when you start from Zero. The ethics & values they gave to me is helping me to rise higher.

I studied from one of the best Government School which has Selection process for admission & I always scored good marks in Studies. later on I took admission in Mechanical Engineering & completed it with honors degree. 

Millionaire in College life

 I started entrepreneurship with my college studies. I was just an ordinary Guy but by grabbing an extra-ordinary Opportunity I became what I`m today.  The Beautiful Opportunity was Direct Selling Industry  

It has changed my entire life in every aspect.

Because of Direct Selling Business I became financially independent at the early age of 18-19. I was living my dreams when others were demanding the pocket-money from their parents. 

Self Development

 I used to be a very shy kind of student before starting all this but it made me bold enough & taught me how to grow faster & then it has converted me into a great speaker, host, Presenter & anchor changed my communication skills, body language, experience & inner personality, thoughts, point of view towards society & nation.

Later on I started delivering Professional Seminars in front of thousands of people & achieved all good benchmarks of life like which a person dreams throughout life.  

Little Achievements

In college days I purchased a beautiful machine i.e.  "granite gray Maruti Suzuki Swift car".   I love to travel & Vestige Business has given me the chance to explore the world. I have visited so many beautiful destinations. Travelling in Flights, using costly phones, living branded life, paying own college fees and achieving all your Dreams by your own when other friends are demanding money from their parents feels me the satisfaction that I have chosen a great life.   

Special Thanks

 Heartily Thanks to  god

for giving us a great platform where we become ordinary to extra ordinary.

Also a Biggest Thanks to my Caring Parents who have given me the open sky to fly around. They kept me Strong enough in my good & bad times.   

I love to my "Mom & Dad" the Most & I dedicate all my success, respect, name, fame to my God - My Parents.  Thank you "Mummy-Papa" ​