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- Mr. Lokesh Jain ji -

 Mr.Lokesh Jain ji is a great leader. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, did from IITM-Bhopal with 78% but he is not doing any kind of job. He started eBIZzing in college days for learning few computer courses. But eBIZ has given him lots of things like speaking skills, soft skills, body language, business science. He became Lakhpati in college life, Started bearing all college expenses & given lots of gifts to his family like Gold-Jewellery. He is a young owner of "Bajaj Pulsar 200 sports Bike" Worth ₹1,09,000. Today he is leading a huge network of inependent business associates  & he is about to purchase his Brand new Car very soon. 

- Mr. Rahul Choudhary ji -

 Mr.Rahul Choudhary Ji is a Electrical & Electronics Engineer passed out from SIST-Bhopal with 76% but he is also not doing Job. He came from Purniya-Bihar. eBIZ Helped him to developing his abilities, today he is a great speaker & Presenter with impressive personality. He is Currently pursuing his "Master of Business Administration" from Indore. He is not dependent on his family. He pays all his fees & monthly expenses by his own income. He is a owner of "Bajaj Pulsar 150" worth ₹75,000. He is running his business to so many cities & Status.He is going to purchase his First Dream car soon. 

- Mr. Chetan Choudhary ji -

 Mr.Chetan Choudhary ji is an electronics & communication Engineering Graduate. He has completed his engineering from TIT-COLLEGE Bhopal, with a good percentage of 78%. He refused to join in any company as a job seeker. He was a big dreamer since his childhood he opted eBIZ as full time career. He became independent in young age at college life. He has purchased a Sports Bike in his college 2nd year that is "Bajaj Pulsar 220" Worth ₹1,00,000. He is not dependent on his family in terms of economical needs. He is about to purchase his 1st dream car "Hyundai elite i20" very soon..  

- Mr. Jitendra Verma ji -

 Mr.Jitendra Verma ji is also a EC-Engineer passed out from IITM-BHOPAL With good percentage of 80%. He is a bright minded student science his childhood, He always scored Very great marks in his academics. He has qualified the National Competition called "Mobi-Quiz". He was the First person in 2015 to get select in the "TCS-COMPANY" with the package of ₹3,15,000 & also got scholarships & awards from different different organisations. He is now promoting eBIZ as career. He is leading a business network in so many states & cities with great & talented students. 

- Mr. Anuj & Amam Sen ji -

 Mr.Anuj Sen ji & Mr.Aman Sen ji are a great combination to define success. Mr.Anuj Sen ji is pursuing his B.Tech & Mr. Aman sen ji is pursuing his LLB from Jabalpur.
Both of them are great sports players. Anuj ji & Aman ji are National players of Boxing & martial arts and won lots of awards in their lives. Both of them are doing eBIZ as full time career. They travels via Aeroplanes for exploring the different different places. They have purchased 5-6 cellphones including iPhone & 2 bikes Bajaj-Pulsar 150 & Bajaj Avenger 150 as well as they have gifted a beautiful car to their parents i.e. "Hyundai Grand i10 car" Worth ₹6,80,000. The are also leading a big business network across the country. 

-Mr. Rakesh Chandravanshi ji

 Mr.Rakesh Chandravanshi ji is a student of Nursing from Jabalpur. He joined eBIZ for fulfilling his dream & also for helping his family. He came from a village nearby Shivni District Madhya-Pradesh. He earlier did a part time job in a hospital for earning his livelihood but later on when he got the opportunity eBIZ He refused to do job & started eBIZzing With dedication. He is leading a big business network in different-different cities. Today he is on a good position that his family feels proud of him. 

- Mr.Sanjay Bairagi ji -

Mr.Sanjay Bairagi ji is an Engineering student from Jabalpur. He took admission in eBIZ for his personality development & Becoming the self Dependent person. He is good in academics, while pursuing his engineering ‎eBIZ made him capable enough to pay his College fees. Today he is totally Independent person running after his passion & Dreams, recently he has purchased his 1st Bike i.e. Honda HORNET. He is a great human being who always supports to his team and do Lots of social activities with his winning Team.

- Miss Hari Patel ji -

Miss Hari Patel ji is a BSc Nursing Student from Jabalpur. When she came to know about eBIZ for the first time she was not that much confidant as she is today. She improved her education level and started becoming Independent. Today she is a Self Dependent Girl who is a Proud Daughter for his family. She is earning such a good amount of money & developing Entrepreneurs in his team. She is the synonym of Women Empowerment by eBIZ.

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Mr.Ravindra Dongre ji is an Engineering Student from Indore. He started eBIZzing as an ordinary kid but his passion & determination brought him to the extraordinary level. Today he is leading a big network of Independent Business owners in 5+ cities. He is A proud brother who bears the expanses of his younger Brother & also supports to his family. He is a proud owner of Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike. He always carry positive attitude in his mind & also in his actions.

- Mr.Pravin Sinha ji -

Pravin Kumar Sinha ji is an another definition of life standards & Dreams. He did his Computer Software Engineering from SIRT-Bhopal. He is also a bright student he always scored good marks in his academics. He basically belongs to Patna-Bihar. He became independent in his college life & purchased his 1st iPhone 6s worth ₹50,000. Purchased a Swiss watch Cloud Bernard worth ₹22,000. He has gifted a brand new car to his sister that is "Tata-Tiago" Worth ₹6,00,000. He is about to purchase a 3-BHK Duplex in this year 2017-18 for his parents. He also use to travel via flights for running his business across the country. He is leading a big business network with lots of Independent Business owners Across the country.

- Mr.Deepak Nagar ji -

Mr.Deepak Nagar ji is pursuing his Civil Engineering from SIRT-Bhopal. He is also a topper student throughout his life holds 1st rank in his college too. He is a big Dr child in himself, He is a humble & polite person who always use smile. He joined eBIZ in his 2nd year of Engineering. In last 2 year while perusing his B.Tech he has earned more than ₹5,50,000 INR. He is not dependent on his family for survival. He pays his college fees & bears all his economical expenses. He is about to purchase his First Dream car Soon. He is leading a big business network across the country. 

- Mr.Somesh Yadav ji -

Mr.Somesh Yadav ji is a student. He has just passed his 12th standard of schooling. He is a topper student, always scored great marks in academics. He started eBIZzing in his 12th schooling,after 12th he has taken a drop in studies because of money problem in family but today he and his family feels proud of him because he is doing his Bcom Honors degree by his own money. He used to be very shy & introvert person but after eBIZzing he learned lots of things and developed his personality to the better level. Today he addresses the gathering of thousands of people. He became a good host, Anchor & Presenter. He don't ask for money to his parents because eBIZ made him financially independent. He is about to purchase his 1st dream bike i.e. "Royal enfield Class

- Miss Rashmi Sinha ji -

Ms.Rashmi Sinha ji is an inspiration for all girls as well as for all boys too. She is pursuing her 1st year Software engineering from TRUBA-College Bhopal. She has joined eBIZ for becoming self dependent & for learning lots of computer courses with personality development. & it's really amazing she did it in her 1st year. She is a bright student always scores good marks in her studies. Very soon we all will see her name in Highest earners list. 

- Mr.Deepak Rajput ji -

Mr.Deepak Rajput ji is an engineering student who is also a great Dancer & choreographer. He is also a proud leader of this team. He is very Passionate about his Dreams. He joined eBIZ because he wanted to be the part of stage to explore the talent he has. He is pursuing His engineering with his dancing passion without any limitations because eBIZ has given him that freedom to earn while he learn. He is the owner of Bajaj Avenger Bike. He is working with his team to give the Stardom to people who are searching of.

- Mr.Monu Yadav ji -

Mr.Monu Yadav ji is a persuing his Graduation before eBIZ he was doing a job for some couple of rupees that were for his expanses. Monu ji is a broad minded person before eBIZ he was doing job for not to give burden to his father. He started eBIZzing because he has burning Desire to become an Independent & financially free person. He has Gifted a Bike to his father when he was in his 2nd year of graduation. He is leading a Big business of eBIZ in 5-7 cities.  

- Mr.Vishal Patel ji -

Mr.Vishal Patel ji is a brilliant student, He always use to be a Topper in his academics. He scored 96.7% in his 10th standard also scored 94.6% in his 12th standard. He fought for IIT JEE and scored good marks. His all india rank was 2310 among 21lac people. He started eBIZzing for improving his education level and to learn the Business skills. Today he is also an Independent Business owner running a big network in different Cities. Soon he will become the star face of eBIZ. 

- Mr.Sachin Nagar ji-

Mr.Sachin Nagar ji is a proud son. When he was in 11th standard he used to go to sell some products with his father for helping his father to Be economically sound. Today he is totally Independent he helps his family in terms of Money & takes all the Responsibility of family. He is doing his Graduation by his own money. He joined eBIZ for Making money. He is making good money but in search of money eBIZ made him a golden hearted personality who is a good speaker, Presenter & leader. He will be the greatest example of Hard work & Development.  

- Mr.Navket Kumar ji -

Mr.Navket Kumar ji is an Engineering student. He belong to Renault family situated in Muzffarpur Bihar. He came to Bhopal for his Bachelor degree & fortunately got the seminar of eBIZ. He started eBIZzing for improving his communication skills, Leadership skills, & He is a great businessmen by mind. He is a quick learner and a great trainer, as the leaders whom he trained they are doing a very fabulous growth today. Mr.Navket ji is bringing a Kind Hearted Persona inside him, who always smiles and helps to everybody. Soon he will change the scenario of eBIZ. 

- Miss Piya Padwar ji -

Miss Piya Padwar ji is an Inspiring girl. she is pursuing her course on Beautician & Makeup Artist. she started eBIZ for her self development and for Extra Income. today she is a Proud Daughter who is self dependent today. She purchased a vehicle for herself & also He introduced eBIZ to his younger Brother sanjay ji who is the owner of a Bike too. She visited beautiful places like Manali with team. She is also active in the field of Social Activities. 

Both brother & sister are doing great in eBIZ. We wish them a very good luck.  

- Miss Niharika Rajput ji -

Miss Niharika Rajput ji is a 2nd year student of from Ganj-Basoda. She started eBIZ in her 1st semester, She is a great leader who developed her business Independently and promoted it to so many cities & states. She became silver on 2 positions within a year & now very soon she will be Gold Representative. She was speaker in each conventions like #V2R & #ReBorn. She visited beautiful places like Manali & Goa with her team & own income. she is going to purchase a brand new vehicle i.e. Vespa bike. I believe that she will break all the Records of eBIZ.

- Miss Vaishali Patel ji -

Miss Vaishali Patel ji is a 2nd Year student  of Medical Studies. She is an Intelligent girl who is having millions of dreams in her mind. She got eBIZ as a gift by his brother Mr.Vishal Patel. She started eBIZing for self development & self dependency. She is a Silver Representative in eBIZ. She is a great Presenter and Motivator. While her friends make excuses, she manages home,college studies & eBIZ. Her friends makes excuses and she makes Money at the same time. I believe she will be in the TOP-5 list in eBIZ very Soon.

- Mr. Deepak Gaur ji -

Mr.Deepak Gaur ji is a Proud son & eBIZer. He is among those people who are having keen observations towards life. Since his childhood he was a bright student full of dreams & ambitions. He got eBIZ opportunity in his 1st Year of Engineering. He is a quick learner, He gives Independent venue meetings today  as a Silver Representative. He is going to purchase his Dream Bike Yamaha R15. He is a consistent and Dedicated eBIZer who works day in and day out for the Team`s growth. His team is active in the field of serving people & social activities. they always organise / participate in social causes like Blood Donations & Food/Fruits Donation camps. I am blessed to have him in my team.

-Mr.Sandesh Mahadeokar-

Mr.Sandesh Mahadeokar ji is a Great sportsperson, student & eBIZer. He is a golden heart personality, who always respect, care and makes people happy. He did his schooling from one of the best residential school i.e. Military School {Sainik School} & now he is pursuing his Engineering from LNCT-Bhopal in mechanical stream. He achieved top-100 rank in "IT-Olympiad". He played 7 nationals & 12 States in Karate, Boxing, Kick Boxing & Football in which he won 3 Silvers & 9 Golds.

He came in eBIZ for personality development & business.Today he is upcoming Gold in eBIZ who is leading his business in more than 3 states & 10 cities. He is a proud eBIZer who always supports to his team and making them Independent. Soon he will bring his name in Top-5 leaders in Highest Earners.  .


- Mr. Sanju Mahanadiya ji -

 Mr.Sanju Mahanadiya is a rising superstar who will break all the Records of eBIZ. Since his childhood he was attracted towards computer programming & hacking so he took admission in eBIZ while he was pursuing his 3rd year of B.Tech. Today he is doing great in eBIZ, he have learned so many courses which were required in his Engineering. He learned great business skills by eBIZ. today he is leading his business in many cities & states. He  is upcoming Gold Representative in eBIZ who owns a beautiful bike- Bajaj Pulsar 220 worth INR 1,10,000. He will definitely break all the records with his team because he is developing Great leadership in his team. I wish him a very good luck for future.  

- Mr. Gaurav Dongre ji -

Mr. Gaurav Dongre ji is a student of BBA 2nd year. He got eBIZ as a gift by his brother. He opted eBIZ for e-education, personality development, social activities & Business Opportunity. He developed his skills and became a Silver Representative in eBIZ. He is promoting eBIZ in so many states & cities, he always supports his team and work for their growth. I wish him a very Good Luck for his great future ahead. 

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