mentors who inspired us to do something big in our lives


Mr. Madan Singh Pawar Sir

"Mr. Madan Singh Pawar Sir" is a reputed Three star(***) "Excise & Customs officer" of Government of India. He is the Backbone of Madhya-Pradesh eBIZ community because he started eBIZing For the first time, He was the First Representative of eBIZ in MP. He has  Achieved grand success with eBIZ in every aspect  like "Karizma R, Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R, Toyota Innova &  so many materialistic things. Today he is leading the Network of  90,000+ people across the country. He has created Thousands of business tycoons in his organisation who are living a beautiful branded life today. 


Mr.Nitesh Katare sir

"Mr.Nitesh Katare Sir" is all time favourite leader in eBIZ & he is known by the tag "The Don of eBIZ". He started eBIZzing at very young age when he was pursuing his "Bachelor of Commerce" from one of the Best college of Bhopal Madhya-Pradesh i.e. BSSS College. His journey with eBIZ is very Inspiring because while he was college going Student he purchased his first bike Karizma-R then his first dream car "Toyota Corola" Worth rupees ₹14,00,000. He became the fastest Silver-Diplomat of Madhya-Pradesh in eBIZ. He became Multi-millionaire at very short span of time then later on purchased 2 more cars that are "Hyundai i20 & Ford Figo". He took the responsibility of his Sister's marriage which was very remarkable. Now a days he is a very Famous face in the country, you can watch him into television programs as an actor. He is the best Anchor, Host, Speaker & presenter. He is leading a network of 82,000+ people across the Country. 


Mr. Keshav Singh sir

"Mr. Keshav Singh sir" is a very big Inspiration for Indian youth. He has qualified the toughest exam of Asia called "Maths Olympiad" and scored the 3rd rank. Later on when he was pursuing his Engineering from "LNCT-BHOPAL" he joined eBIZ And started eBIZzing With college studies as part time business. He has purchased his first bike Karizma-R in his college 1st year than purchased his first dream car i.e "Honda City" Worth ₹10,00,000. He got placement into "TCS-COMPANY Mumbai" but he refused to join the job because  he was earning up to  ₹6,00,000 for a month in his college life. He is a big dreamer, He has gifted lots of Residential & commercial properties to his parents which worth Multi-million rupees. He did his elder Sister's  marriage when he was 21 years old & Gifted her a car "Ford-Figo" Worth ₹6,00,000 also he did his marriage it was very Lewis & luxurious because it happened on the same place where Mr. Amitabh Bacchan ji got married. He became the "Youngest owner of BMW-X1 Car at the age of 25". Every 2nd of third month he takes a tour to different different foreign places like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.   Today he is leading the network of 75,000+ people across the country. 


Mr.Lalit & Dr.Rajesh Manghnani sir

 Mr.Lalit & Dr.Rajesh Manghnani sir
Mr.Lalit Manghnani sir brought eBIZ in his family, today everybody is an eBIZer in his family. He is an Engineer by qualification & an eBIZer By profession. He also started eBIZzing in his college life when he was studying in LNCT-BHOPAL. He brought his elder brother "Dr.Rajesh Manghnani sir" in eBIZ. He is a famous doctor in Bhopal who is running lots of high tech clinics. Both the brothers are inspiration for all because at a very short span of time they became Multi-millionaire with eBIZ Purchased lots of cars "Hyundai Centro, Maruti Suzuki Alto, Maruti Suzuki Swift & Hyundai Verna". Traveled lots of countries at a very young age. They are having the one & only Bungalow in whole Madhya-Pradesh which is having bedroom attached swimming pool on the. First floor. They are the Big inspiration for all. Today they are leading the network of 75,000+ people across the country.


Dr. Anup Singh Jaishur sir

"Dr.Anup Singh Jayshoor sir" is a Gold-Medallist in medical Studies. He was a serious student, He was the topper throughout his life, qualified lots of national level exams with top 100 rank. Got offered 3 statement government & 2 central government jobs but he didn't joined anyone of them. He is known as the King-Maker in eBIZ Community. He has created lots of Young Independent Business Tycoons across the Nation. He is known for his moral values & ethics. He taught us the real meaning of life. Purchased his First Car "Hyundai Centro" when he was college going Student, Purchased Duplex and properties gifted a luxury Bungalow to his parents in his hometown then purchased his 2nd car "Suzuki Nexa S-cross" Worth rupees ₹13,00,000. Today he is leading a network of 40,000+ people across the country. 


Mr.Ashish Singh Jayshoor sir

ASJ this name is synonym of success, ASJ this name is the new definition of Dreams, ASJ this name is the Youngest Business tycoon in eBIZ. Mr.Ashish Singh Jayshoor sir started eBIZzing When he was pursuing his software engineering from TRUBA-College Bhopal & in his college life he purchased Karizma-R Bike, then at the age of 19 purchased "Ford-Figo" Worth ₹6,00,000 became "Multi-millionaire in his college life" till the age of 22 he has purchased lots of flats, plots & properties when he turned 23 he became the youngest owner of "Skoda-Octavia car" Worth ₹24,00,000 then at the age of 24 he purchased 2 Showrooms in "GIP-Mall Bhopal" which worth ₹1,00,000+ and also gifted a bungalow to His parents in hometown then at the age of 25 he did his sister's marriage which was very remarkable because it was very awesome & luxurious. He gifted a "Honda City car" Worth ₹12,80,000 to his sister. Currently he is earning 4-5,00,000 rupees for a month from eBIZ. He loves to explore the world, He travels to the different different foreign places like Bangkok, pattaya, Dubai-UAE, Europe, Russia etc etc. He did skydiving at a very young age. He is a very big Inspiration for youth, what he does it becomes the style & He is known as the "ASJ-The brand of eBIZ". He is leading a network of 40,000+ people across the country. 


Mr.Pradeep Singh sir

 Mr.Pradeep Singh sir is a great human being, He is an Engineer. He also started eBIZzing in his college life. It's told by any great leader that to be a leader is nice thing but to create & develop many leaders is a very great thing. He started eBIZzing and became financially independent, Purchased a Sports Bike "Bajaj Pulsar 220" paid college fees, did lots of social activities. Became Multi-millionaire & started helping to Parents in terms of money. Today he is having lots of silver to Silver-Diplomats in his network of 25,000+ business associates.


Mr.Ajit Bhai Patel sir

Mr.Ajit Bhai Patel sir is one of the Best Speaker, Anchor & Host. He is having lots of ability which will make you a fan of him. He came to Bhopal from a normal middle class family, He was pursuing his Engineering from TIT-College Bhopal  When he Entered into eBIZ. In initial days he was dependent on bank loan for college Fees but later on because of his hard work and passion he became the owner of "Bajaj-Pulsar 150 Bike" Worth ₹75,000 also ended the bank loan and started paying His college fees by own money. Then he became Multi-millionaire today his whole combined family is proudly announces that our expenses are bearded by our Products Son. He has gifted himself a brand new "Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire car" Worth ₹8,00,000. He is earning upto 1,50,000 rupees for a month today. Currently he is leading a network of 22,000 people across the country. 


Mr.Surendra Singh Patel sir

Mr.Surendra Singh Patel, this name is the biggest motivation for millions of hopeless people because whatever he did people even can't imagine it. He born in a poor family where his father was a labour in a farm in his village. Surendra sir used to cut & sell the Wood  for paying His school fees. He got selected into one of the Best schools of India "The Navodaya Vidhyalay" then later on he took bank loan for his engineering & took admission in TRINITY-College Bhopal. He used to give coaching class to younger Students  for earning his monthly pocket money. He witnessed eBIZ And somehow joined eBIZ. In his 1st year of eBIZ he just earned ₹11,000 but he was a very hopeful & passionate for his dreams. He continued eBIZzing & ended the college loan & started paying His college fees by own money. He has purchased his first bike when he even didn't know how to drive it, It was "Bajaj Pulsar 150" worth ₹75,000. Later on he retired his father from all the hard work and gifted himself a Brand new "Ford-Figo car" Worth ₹6,00,000. He constructed a big Temple in his hometown. One of he proud things is he "Adopted a baby girl" for which he will take care & look after till she get married. He has purchased a Duplex Bungalow in Indore worth ₹35,00,000. Currently he is earning upto ₹1,50,000 for a month. He has visited Russia & his current network size is 20,000+ across the Nation. 


Mr.Naveen Shrivastava sir

Mr.Naveen Shrivastava sir is a complete package of Inspiration, Motivation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. He joined eBIZ when he was pursuing his 2nd year Automobile Engineering from ORIENTAL-Bhopal. He was dependent on bank loan for college expenses. But after eBIZzing due to his passion & hard working nature he ended his College bank Loan & paid all his fees by own income. He has purchased his first car "Hyundai Centro" Worth rupees ₹4,00,000 in his college 3rd year. Purchased property when was in final year engineering. He became Multi-millionaire in  a very young age. Shifted his family with him in Bhopal & retired his parents from work. He has gifted himself a Duplex Bungalow in Indore worth ₹32,00,000. He has earned approximately ₹1,00,00,000 from eBIZ in last 7 years & recently he has purchased his 2nd car "Suzuki Nexa S-cross" Worth ₹12,00,000. His monthly income exceeds 1-2,00,000 rupees for a month. He has travelled the whole India as well as an international trip of Thailand too. Currently leading a network of 16,000+ people across the country. 


Mr.Brijlal Patel Sir

 Mr.Brijlal Patel Sir is not a name it's a journey from "Ordinary to Extra-ordinary". He is known as the "Modern Shrawan Kumar of eBIZ". He has completed his school from "JNV-Satna Madhya-Pradesh", He was a good & ambitious student but in initial days the situations were very tough for him. His father used to be a road side Businessman & he got paralysed when Mr.Brijlal sir was completing his schooling. His father was the only source of income in his family. It's a very tough situation for him either to continue his studies or to start a job for earning money for livelihood. Bhopal he was blessed with a very positive & visionary mother, she took a step for him & his sister's education, she staff working on a flour mill for ₹2,500 for a month. Till then Mr.Brijlal Patel Sir was qualified the enterence exam of "All India Aeronautical England" but due to lack of money he has to leave this big opportunity. After few days he got an opportunity to witness eBIZ & for joining eBIZ he took the toughest decision, he sold out  the jewellery of his sister. Started working with eBIZ & got success in short span of time then again he continued his graduation by "Bachelor of Commerce" from Indore. He freed up his mother from that job and also helped her sister for his "Nursing Graduation" till the date his father has 23 paralysis operations and each one of done due to the money which Brijlal sir earned from eBIZ. About materialistic achievement so- He purchased his first car "Hyundai Centro" Worth ₹4,00,000 then purchased different properties like plots & gold & later on he gifted a Duplex Bungalow worth ₹35,00,000 in Indore as well. He is a Silver-Diplomat in eBIZ Right now. He is the only member in his family who is enough for each & every expenses today, He travelled whole India as well as he has visited Thailand because of eBIZ. He is leading a network of 10,000+ people across the country. 


Mr.Shailendra Singh sir

Mr. Shailendra Singh sir is a great golden hearted personality. He has purchased his first bike "Yamaha Fazer" Worth ₹80,000 when he was pursuing his 2nd year Mechanical Engineering from "RADHARAMAN-College". In his college life he became Millionaire and purchased his first Dream car "Volkswagen-Polo" Worth ₹8,00,000. He is a great supporting leader who is creating lots of independent business tycoons. Currently he is leading a network of 7,000+ people across the Nation.