eBIZ is a Helping Hand for Society.

Let`s do somethig for People.


"eBIZ for Society"


"आप लोगों के लिए कितना करते है,इस से ज्यादा महत्त्वपूर्ण ये है कि आप कितने खुश होकर लोगो के लिए कुछ अच्छा करते है"- डॉ.पवन मल्हन


eBIZ is for society. eBIZ is doing excellent work by helping thousands of people all across the country. 
eBIZ leaders who are doing their studies as well as they are saving their wastage of time with the help of eBIZ because eBIZ always teaching us to do more, to give more, to help more & 

Make people able enough to smile & live a better life. 

They are actively participating in beautiful social deeds for needy, unable & poor people.
eBIZ was established on 8th june 2001 with a vision to make people Computer literate and Financially free.

eBIZ is bringing millions of helping hands for making a better India. we are doing social causes, there are more then 17,00,000 eBIZers who are improving themselves & others too in terms of leadership empowerment, Women empowerment and helping to millions of needy, poor & deprived people.

The teaching of Dr.Pawan Malhan sir is based on the following ethics & values.


• Truthfulness • Honesty • Kindheartedness • Passion  ​• Love 

 •सच्चाई)  •ईमानदारी)  •नेकदिली)  •जुनून)  •प्यार)

eBIZers are doing fantastic social activities 
 like -
• Free Blood Donation Camps 
• Free Computer Literacy Camps 
• Free Medical Check-up camps
• I Respect Woman Campaigns 
• eBIZ Cloths Distribution Camps
• eBIZ Fruits & Food Distribution Camps

• eBIZ campaigns for old & deprived people

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